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By the Grace of God
Pastor: David Marks

Happy Lord's Day! I am Pastor David Marks from God's Gypsy Assemblies of God Church in Dallas, Texas. Inviting all to our new reconstructed web site. We are praying that God be glorified and pleased, and that all of you will enjoy it. I am a certified A/G minister, and in fellowship with God's Gypsy Christian Church's who are serving to win souls for the Lord Jesus Christ.

With the Lord's calling on my life, I had like a road to Damascus experience, trembling with the fear of the Lord, and hearing a voice, but seeing no man. I got saved, born again, and Spirit filled in April of 1990. Since then I have not seen drugs or alcohol or gambling in my life any more...

Now I see what He saw in me for others, and what we all need to see, is to get off our hi horse of pride, and humble ourselves be for the Lord to receive His grace. Our ministry is 10 years old, we have seen hundreds of gypsies saved and baptized in our services. Also many healing's and deliverance's for God's glory, and it's still going on!!!

Our ministry is called By The Grace of God, because it's not by our works or by how good we can do things, that we are saved, but His gift to all who believe with faith in Jesus Christ are saved (Eph. 2:8-9)

If ever you are in Dallas, come be a part of our services
for the Lord, Sunday at 9:00 pm. Or Thursday at 9:00 pm.


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